4 French TV Series You Should Watch Next

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s advisable to sit back relax and enjoy watching our favorite TV programs on the air. Watching series is an excellent source of entertainment. I have compiled a list of the 4 French TV series that you should watch next when you are on vacation or relaxing. The beauty of watching a French series is that you have a chance to learn about the French culture and learn a few French words if you are not a native speaker. Below are some of the series that are worth every minute to watch them.


  • The Returned (Les Revenants)

The filming is done in the Alps of the Haute Savoie. A group of children, women, and men who had died return to life and assumed normal activities as if they had not died. It happens in a small village in the mountains which makes it look very supernatural. As the villagers come to terms with the shocking events, a series of strange happenings and murders remind them of a past serial killer.


  • The Spiral (engrenages)


It was released in 2005 but remains very popular in Europe. It brings to light the law-enforcement and the justice system of France. It follows the main characters and personalities of a prosecutor, judge, lawyer, two lieutenants and a police head. Some characters are sexy, others powerful while other are devious. Shot in Paris, the story gets captivating episode after episode. The main character is seen using essential oils for better sleep because of stress. 


  • Kaamelott


The series is an account of King Arthur in the 5th-century quest for the Holy Grail and his knights of the roundtable. The popularity of this show is that it combines comedy with good linguistic but remains faithful to the historical and mythological context. King Arthur’s adventures and battles are limited by the cowardice, misplaced chivalry traits of the knights. The Grail legend is hindered by their realistic take on events in its purest form. Early seasons were hilarious, but the sitcom became spicier as the lead actor grew in confidence.


  • Un Village Francais (A French Village)


The film was released in 2009, and the plot covers French village ups and downs due to the occupation of the Nazi Germany army during World War II. The film won several awards and was acclaimed for the beautiful plot. Courage, weakness, greed, etc. all are depicted as a community struggles with the brutality of the occupying army. The series shows the thin line the inhabitants have to walk when they choose to collaborate or resist the Germans. It’s set in Villeneuve, Eastern France which was occupied by Germany in the war times.


Watching series help one to relax after a long and busy day at work. It is also an excellent way to relax and relieve pressure associated with the hassles of the day. The above series can be found at various series shops and online portals at an affordable price. The above four French TV series is not an easy list to come up with as there are other TV series that deserve an honorable mention. Please enjoy and be captivated.